Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Sacred Circle

Those of you who follow this blog have seen images I've used from the Sacred Circle tarot as illunstrations for some of my posts. You may have guessed by the frequency that I both write about and display images from Sacred Circle that it is my favorite deck.

I don't use tarot cards in the "conventional" way or, I suppose, in the way most people think of tarot cards being used, as a fortune telling device. Nor do I read cards for other people. It is not my intention to offend anyone when I say that I don't believe in using tarot cards for these purposes. I say this only for myself. I happen to believe that the power is in the person not in the cards. However, I do believe tarot cards, ones with which a person strongly resonates, can be a powerful tool for self exploration, increasing self awareness, and for developing one's inner sight,or the Sight as it is often called.

And with the development of one's Sight, the cards become a powerul conduit for the seeking of a personal omen or one's wyrd at Calan Gaeaf (Samhain), also called the hinge of the year.

I thought you might like to view this wonderful vid of some of the most arresting images from the Sacred Circle tarot.

** You can use the link to Sacred Circle on the main blog page to visit Anna Franklin's website and experience more of her wonderful work.

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