Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Solstice Tree

For more than fifteen years I have decorated our Solstice/Yule Tree with carefully chosen, fortuitously found and gifted ornaments.

The tree itself is symbolic of the Great World Tree, whose branches, trunk and roots connect the three worlds -- Upper, Middle, Lower -- and of the Tree of Life under which all beings shelter.

The ornaments are also symbolic in a number of ways and with them I have tried to represent the beings and powers that inhabit our our natural, magical world.

Our Solstice Tree is decorated with icicles, snow and a figure of a sprightly Jack Frost, acknowleging and honoring the power of Winter.

However, a primitive bronze ornament is prominently placed to reveal the face of the Invincible Sun. A full moon, a blue moon, and many twinkling lights remind us of the starry heavens, and in a long, elegant spiral ornament, I imagine Arianrhod's Spiral Castle among the stars.

Further exploration reveals Taliesin's blue star that reminds us of the story of his birth and the unsurpassed power of his voice and words.