Monday, February 27, 2012

Reinbold and Tyme Exhibit on Newark's February/March 2012 Art Loop

(I am the one who cannot be contained)
by JM Reinbold

Update: Our exhibit will remain on display throughout March!

Justynn Tyme and I have a joint exhibit of artwork for the month of February on the Newark Art Loop. As of this posting, there are two days left to view the show. But, if you're in the area and you have an opportunity to stop in at the Newark Natural Foods Co-Op, our artwork is hanging in the cafe gallery.

I have six pieces of SoulCollage on display. The grouping is titled: A Conversation with Many Selves: Works of SoulCollage by JM Reinbold.

I enjoy this type of collage art because I can remove images from their original context and perceived meanings and by revisioning and recombining create a new context and new meanings. Working with SoulCollage is a form of "sacred play" and feels to me like creating dreams from paper.

If you're interested in finding out more about SoulCollage, visit the SoulCollage website.

The Pearl of Beeland by Justynn Tyme
Justynn has four pieces of digital collage and two illustrations on display. His artwork is intended to "amuse and confuse." Justynn is Delaware's only Dadaist, and an experimental artist who works in the mediums of nonsense and senselessness the way other artists work with pencils and paints.

My favorite picture in Justynn's exhibit is the "Pearl of Beeland."

You can see more of Justynn's work at The Artisticness of Justynn Tyme.

Prints of Justynn's exhibited art work are available from Radio Active Mango Recordings.