Monday, April 9, 2012

The Persistence of Dali

The Persistence of Dali by JM Reinbold

This year, my contribution to Dalikrab Day 2012 is a mixed media collage, The Persistence of Dali.

Everyone is welcome to Create,  Manipulate, Repeat

Founded in 2005 by Justynn Tyme, Delaware's only Dadaist, Dalikrab Day occurs annually on 31 March. Dalikrab is a day, a kind of odd holiday, for artists, writers, musicians, videographers, poets, anyone and everyone to have fun creating mash-ups of Salvador Dali and crabs. This is the "create" part. Weird, right? Yes! And, for some reason, surprisingly appropriate when you think about it.

Another component of Dalikrab is "manipulation." Contributors are invited to manipulate the work of other Dalikrab artists and repost the work giving credit to its originator. Manipulation doesn't necessarily mean changing another artist's work. It can be a creation inspired by the work of another artist. For example, Ralph-Michael Chiaia's story was inspired by my collage "The Persistence of Dali." You can read the story, "The Sickle of a P," on his blog.

Dalikrab contributors can create, manipulate and repeat as often as they wish.

31 March is the official Dalikrab Day, but, the fun continues as long as artists continue to create and contribute. Today, 9 April 2012, is Dalikrab Day 10.

Dalikrab Day attracts contributors from around the world. You can view/read all the Dalikrab 2012 contributions on the Dalikrab blog.

I started contributing to Dalikrab in 2010. You can see my 2011 Dalikrab contribution, a diary, here. And my 2010 Dalikrab, a poem, here.

And here is my Dalikrab Diary page for this year!

Why Dali and why crabs? I don't know and I expect the answer to that lies in the mists of Dalikrab past. Only the creator knows for sure. Or maybe not.

31 March 2013 is Dalikrab Day next year! I'm already planning my next Dalikrab project!