Friday, June 22, 2012

My Writing Life ... Summer 2012

I'm working diligently on the rewriting/revising of my Britcrime novel. I'm about a third done. It's hard work, but I'm determined. And even though it's nearly a full-time job, I still need to produce new work and get it out to publishers.

So, I'm also revising a short story for an anthology to which I've been invited to submit. And, I'll also be submitting the same story to a contest.

Another short story is waiting patiently in the revise/rewrite pile.

On Saturday, June 23, 2012, my guild, The Written Remains Writers Guild, is sponsoring our summer Get Out & Write! Community Free Write. The free write will be held in the Community Room at Kirkwood Highway Public Library from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m.  National and international bestselling suspense thriller author and WR Guild member, Greg Smith, will be our featured author. Get Out & Write! events are a lot of fun and the best thing is, you can very often go home with the foundation for a new story! At this Saturday's free write we'll be learning suspense thriller writing techniques and strategies from a master!  

In July 2012, I'll be leading and participating in the Summer Writing Challenge at my 250 Plus Group for Writers on Facebook.  I use these challenges, in July and November, to write short stories. Committing to write a minimum of 250 words a day works for me. I often write a lot more. I've gotten so much writing done this way! Check us out and join if you want encouragement and support for getting a writing project done, or if you want to work on establishing a daily writing habit!

On August 11, 2012 I'll be reading at Second Saturday Poet's Haiku Night sponsored by the Delaware Literary Connection.  

I'm planning our first Fictioneers reading. The event will take place in August at the Adria Cafe in Newark, Delaware and is sponsored by the Written Remains Writers Guild and will feature the work of the WR Mixed Genre Critique Group and other WR Guild members. We'll also have an open mic following the featured readers.

My critique group, The Written Remains Literary Critique Group, will be presenting a literary reading in October 2012, so more planning and prepping for that.

I'll be editing a Second Written Remains Anthology of short fiction with Weldon Burge, Executive Editor at Smart Rhino Publications. The new anthology will be published by Smart Rhino later this year or early next year. 

Even though a new anthology is in the works, I don't want folks to forget about WR's first anthology Stories from the Inkslingers. There are eight superb stories in this collection, two of which, Transfusions and Street Smarts, were nominated for a Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award. Inkslingers didn't get nearly enough exposure, but the reviews it has received have been excellent. I'd like to appeal to folks who have read Stories from the Inkslingers and enjoyed it to please post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. It would really help a lot! And if you haven't read Inkslingers, please consider doing so. The Kindle e-book is just 99 cents!

My new website, JM, is being designed by Justynn Tyme. Those of you who are familiar with Justynn's work know that means the new site will be artistically spectacular! And more content is on the way as well. I'll make an announcement on the blog when the new site is ready to roll out. Check out the genius at his website The Artisticness of Justynn Tyme.

I joined Goodreads yesterday. Wow! I don't know what took me so long. Another great resource for both readers and writers.

And last but definitely not least, I am loving my Kindle Keyboard. What an incredible tool for writers. The Kindle came loaded with two dictionaries, one of which is the OED. I can easily carry all my favorite writing books with me, subscribe to lit mags - some are free -- plus get apps for a calendar, checklist, notepad, address book, and buy new fiction. I discovered that much "classic fiction" is free! And that's just the beginning of what you can do with a Kindle! 

How do writers get ahead? Hustle. Loyalty. Respect. Hard work. Never give up!