Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why You Should Get Out & Write!

This Saturday, September 22, 2012, my guild, the Written Remains Writers Guild is hosting our autumn Get Out & Write! Community Free Write at the Kirkwood Public Library. Each Get Out & Write! begins with a talk by a featured author from the Guild. Weldon Burge, Executive Editor at  Smart Rhino Publications, is the featured author. Weldon will begin with a 30 minute author talk about his writing, which frequently juxtaposes humor and horror; and he'll discuss his evolution from author to owner and executive editor of a publishing company. The featured author also leads the free writes and Weldon tells me he has some very cool visual prompts to get everyone's creativity going. After the free write, there'll be 30 minutes to talk with Weldon, check out his books, and meet other writers. Those are just a few reasons to Get Out & Write! Take a look below the "postcard" for a few more! 

Here's a link for more information about this Get Out & Write! with Weldon Burge: More information

Here are a few more reasons Why You Should Get Out & Write!
  • Meet other writers. I'm always surprised by the number of writers I meet who ask me: "Where can I find other local writers?" Believe it or not, Delaware is full of writers and you can meet a bunch of  them at Get Out & Write! gatherings.
  • Connect with other published authors, editors, and workshop leaders.
  • Network! Are you looking for a writers group, a critique group, beta readers, publishing opportunities, or editorial services? Chances are some one you meet and talk to at a Get Out & Write! can provide the information your looking for.
  • Connect with members of the Written Remains Writers Guild. Because membership in the Guild is by invitation, people always want to know how they can get involved. The absolute best way is to get to know the guild members by attending our events. And attending a Get Out & Write! is a great place to start.
  • Have fun writing! Get Out & Write! gatherings are not critique sessions or competitions to show off how well you can write. They are spontaneous writing sessions so writers can relax, loosen up, try new things, and just let go and let the words flow. There in no comment on or judgement of your work and reading aloud is completely optional.
  • Learn something new. The featured authors who facilitate Get Out & Write! gatherings are diverse and have a multitude of experience in a variety of genres. Whether you're a newbie writer or have years of experience, you're bound to take away a new technique, idea, skill, resource, or contact that will help move your writing forward.
  • Find out about other events for writers in our area.
  • Support local/Delaware authors and your local writing community. By attending Get Out & Write! gatherings and other local events for writers you help our writing community grow and become bigger, stronger, and better connected. Supporting events for writers helps those events continue and encourages development of more events of all kinds for our writing community. 
I hope you can join me and the Written Remains Writers Guild on September 22 for a not-to-be-missed Get Out & Write!

A Study in Scarlet (Review)

A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes, #1)A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second or third time I've read "A Study in Scarlet." And, as before, I very much enjoyed the story. This is the very first Sherlock Holmes novel; the reader is not only introduced to the characters Holmes and Watson, but learns their individual histories, as well. An interesting feature of this novel is that it actually contains two stories. The first story is the case which Holmes and Watson investigate. This story is interrupted after the apprehension of the killer and the second story takes over, telling the tale of the characters and events that bring the killer to London. The second story takes place primarily in America. At the end of "A Study in Scarlet" the reader is returned to Holmes and Watson as they hear the confession of the killer, who has managed not only spellbind Holmes and Watson with his story, but greatly impress them as well. An added bonus at the conclusion of the case is Holmes' explanation/description of his investigative process to an increasingly astounded Watson, who vows then and there that he will let the world know of Holmes' genius in spite of the glory-grabbing tactics of the London police detectives. Despite being written with many of the literary conventions of the last century this book is a page turner, and I would go so far as to label "A Study in Scarlet" a great action/adventure story!

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Sorry about the weird book cover (the title is spelled wrong). :-(  It's from Goodreads and I can't seem to change it.