Tuesday, October 22, 2013

JMR Published at Peisithanatos Press

Valentine Cameron Prinsep - Il Barbagianni (The Owl)

My micro-fiction "Hostis Humani Generis" and one of my collage pieces "Yr Hwch Ddu Gwta" (part one of a three-piece work-in-progress) has recently been published by Peisithanatos Press. You can read the story and view the collage here. The complete triptych will be published later this year.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Me, Myself, & I Exhibition

"Me, Myself, and I" Exhibition
My mixed media collage, My Inner Critic, is on display from April 2 through April 27, 2013 at the Newark Arts Alliance as a selection in the "Me, Myself, and I" juried exhibition.

My Inner Critic by JM Reinbold (2012)
Artist Statement

My Inner Critic, a mixed media collage, was created in response to my feelings during the revision of my short story, The Future of Flesh, for the anthology Zippered Flesh 2: More Tales of Body Enhancement Gone Bad (Smart Rhino Publications, 2013).

Being a perfectionist, I have a very stern inner critic. Can you see the “Are you kidding me? Get back to work. NOW!” look she’s giving me!

During the revision process, I ripped the story apart. And, for far too long it just seemed like a big mess. But slowly, I began to stitch it back together. Apropos, I suppose, given the book’s title!

The background is an original manuscript page marked in red pen by my editor. Barely visible at the top are tear stains. At one point, I was so sure I would not be able to make the story work, I wept in frustration over the manuscript. The red ink splatters are the story bleeding from my Inner Critic’s persistent and unrelenting scalpel. In the end, a story that began as a draft of over 9,000 words was honed and polished to a finished piece and the required length of approximately 5,000 words. It was a painful, but ultimately gratifying process.

You can see more of my collage art (and other art) and read some of my writings on my website The Many Worlds of JM Reinbold.

My son, Justynn Tyme, also had a picture selected for the "Me, Myself, and I" exhibit. His picture, This Is Not My Reality received a JUROR'S CHOICE AWARD.

Justynn Tyme with his pen and ink drawing "This Is Not My Reality"
You can see more of Justynn's art and read some of his writings on his website The Artisticness of Justynn Tyme.

The "Me, Myself, and I" exhibition runs from April 2 until April 27. Please stop in an view all the wonderful art that is part of this show.

For more information about the show visit the "Me, Myself, and I" exhibition page on the Newark Arts Alliance website.

When you stop by the gallery to see the show, make sure to check out the exhibition book (in the gallery) which contains statements from all the artists about their work in the "Me, Myself, and I" show. The artists' statements are informative, fascinating, and educational!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dalikrab Dreams or Why I LOVE Dalikrab Day!

Why I LOVE Dalikrab Day!
It's free! ~ It's fun! ~ It's crazy! ~ It's Dada! ~ It's [insert your own word!]

Dalikrab Day is an international holiday that has occurred annually on March 31 since 2006.

Dalikrab Day was spawned from the mind of the Mage of Lunacy, Justynn Tyme. You can find out more about the Mage at his website The Artisticness of Justynn Tyme.

The idea behind Dalikrab Day
Create ~ Manipulate ~ Repeat
Create a piece or pieces of original Dalikrab art.
Post your art on the Dalikrab Day blog.
Check out other Dalikrab art on the blog.
Manipulate someone else's art -- or your own -- and create something new.
Post your manipulated art on the Dalikrab Day blog.
Do it again!

Just create some Dalikrab art
Just manipulate some Dalikrab art
Keep doing that!

How long does Dalikrab last? No one knows.
Could be a day
Could be a week, or two or three ...
Could be a month 
Dalikrab lasts as long as ...
you keep up the silly, crazy, creative insanity, and
...the art keeps coming in!

You can see the work contributed by artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and animators from all around the world on the Dalikrab blog.

This year, my fourth year participating in Dalikrab, the Mage of Lunacy and I engaged in a four-hour Dalikrab workshop creating Dalikrab art.

The result: My piece(s) for 2013, Dalikrab Dreams, a collage triptych.

Get Your Claws On and Create Some Dalikrab!
Mark your calendars for Monday, March 31, 2014 and bookmark the Dalikrab page. The Dalikrab page has all the info you need to participate in Dalikrab Day including tips and tricks for creating Dalikrab art.

Tip: Dalikrab art can be spontaneous or planned. ~ I've already begun planning for Dalikrab Day 2014!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ZF2 and The Future of Flesh

ZF2 and The Future of Flesh
My story The Future of Flesh is featured in ZIPPERED FLESH 2: More Tales of Body Enhancement Gone Bad (Smart Rhino Publications, 2013).

About ZF2
More tales of body enhancements gone horribly wrong! Chilling tales BY SOME OF THE BEST HORROR WRITERS TODAY, determined to keep you fearful all night (and maybe even a little skittish during the day).

About The Future of Flesh
Mike Gambone thinks he's found the solution to all his problems when he agrees to let a cosmetic surgeon use him to perfect new, highly advanced surgical techniques in exchange for a new face and a new life. "I'm so ugly," Mike says, "what have I got to lose? Nothing. I can only end up looking better. Right?" Think you know where I'm going with this story? No you don't. Read it. See if you're right.

Praise for Zippered Flesh 2

Review of Zippered Flesh 2 (Paperback) On Amazon February 18, 2013
"After reading the first Zippered Flesh collection, I was so excited to hear that another collection by Weldon Burge was being put together. This one is even better than the first, starting with a bang and ending with one too. ... This is a must." --- TLAS

Review of Zippered Flesh 2  On Goodreads February 9, 2013
"... This collection is amazing! There is one great story after another, with very few that miss the mark, if any at all. [The editor, Weldon Burge,] was especially smart with the choosing the first few stories at the beginning, and those that appear at the end because it opens and ends with a bang, like a great book should. ... This book is highly recommended to anyone who likes horror ...." --- Dave Granger

Follow up comment by Dave Granger: It is one of the better themed anthologies I have read in a long time. The scope of the stories is what does it. It's a theme with a wide range of possibilities.

To My Blog Readers, Friends, and Fans
I, and all the contributors, to this collection, would greatly appreciate you buying, reading, and commenting/reviewing/rating ZF2. We'd love to hear from you!

Click here to buy Zippered Flesh 2 (for Kindle) 
Also available in paperback.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

JMR's "Golden Eye" at Newark Arts Alliance for "Small and Precious"

My pastel painting "Golden Eye" has been selected for the Small and Precious exhibit at Newark Arts Alliance (276 E. Main Street, Newark, DE 19711). Small and Precious is an all-media show of love, life, and important moments expressed in less than 12 inches across. 

The exhibit opens on Friday, February 1, 2013. The opening reception is from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the Terry Foreman Gallery. Appetizers, wine, and other beverages will be served.

Click here for the Small and Precious exhibit page and a list of all the artists in the show.

Please stop by and enjoy the art, food, and conversation!

The Small and Precious exhibit will be on display from January 29 through March 2, 2013.