Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ZF2 and The Future of Flesh

ZF2 and The Future of Flesh
My story The Future of Flesh is featured in ZIPPERED FLESH 2: More Tales of Body Enhancement Gone Bad (Smart Rhino Publications, 2013).

About ZF2
More tales of body enhancements gone horribly wrong! Chilling tales BY SOME OF THE BEST HORROR WRITERS TODAY, determined to keep you fearful all night (and maybe even a little skittish during the day).

About The Future of Flesh
Mike Gambone thinks he's found the solution to all his problems when he agrees to let a cosmetic surgeon use him to perfect new, highly advanced surgical techniques in exchange for a new face and a new life. "I'm so ugly," Mike says, "what have I got to lose? Nothing. I can only end up looking better. Right?" Think you know where I'm going with this story? No you don't. Read it. See if you're right.

Praise for Zippered Flesh 2

Review of Zippered Flesh 2 (Paperback) On Amazon February 18, 2013
"After reading the first Zippered Flesh collection, I was so excited to hear that another collection by Weldon Burge was being put together. This one is even better than the first, starting with a bang and ending with one too. ... This is a must." --- TLAS

Review of Zippered Flesh 2  On Goodreads February 9, 2013
"... This collection is amazing! There is one great story after another, with very few that miss the mark, if any at all. [The editor, Weldon Burge,] was especially smart with the choosing the first few stories at the beginning, and those that appear at the end because it opens and ends with a bang, like a great book should. ... This book is highly recommended to anyone who likes horror ...." --- Dave Granger

Follow up comment by Dave Granger: It is one of the better themed anthologies I have read in a long time. The scope of the stories is what does it. It's a theme with a wide range of possibilities.

To My Blog Readers, Friends, and Fans
I, and all the contributors, to this collection, would greatly appreciate you buying, reading, and commenting/reviewing/rating ZF2. We'd love to hear from you!

Click here to buy Zippered Flesh 2 (for Kindle) 
Also available in paperback.