About JM Reinbold

Joanne was born and raised in the tiny village of Christiana, Delaware. She grew up on her grandmother’s farm and spent her days outside wandering the fields and woods. An only child, with few other children nearby, her primary companions were her cats and dogs, other animals on the farm, and books.

In later years, she lived on a farm near the village of Avondale and later moved to Black Cat and lived in the “manor house” of a village that had been mostly obliterated by suburban sprawl. The old manor house and the Blue Lantern Inn were all that remained of a once vibrant and flourishing community. 

Growing up in an old-world household full of stories, reading, writing, and storytelling became her favorite pastimes. Joanne recreates the villages she loved in the fictional villages of her stories and populates them with the interesting, eccentric people, animals, and mysteries she’s always loved to read about.